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Connect with the divine presence in you

March 13, 2017

Connect with the divine presence in you

Yoga is not just a practice but a way of living which helps you to enhance your mental, physical, social and physical health. Ohm or Aum is the mantra chanted at the beginning and of the yoga asana. This sound or the vibration is believed to be the basic sound that contains all the other sounds.

The ancient gurus and yogis already knew that nothing is still and the entire universe is moving. The rhythmic vibrations that are created by the mere existence of various things were acknowledged as Aum by the yogis.

To connect with the divine presence in others and in you, we have brought to you yoga lover's adjustable wire bangle bracelet with ohm charm. This Ohm Charm Symbology Bracelet will be a constant reminder to be at peace with yourself and with the universe.

Chanting Ohm will take you on a ride of universal bliss and highlight your state of awareness, physical energy and you will feel an uplifting and soothing connection with self and the world.

The symbolic representation of the ohm charm bracelet consists of various physiological aspects. The upper curve symbolizes the waking state and the lower long curve signifies the dreaming state. The dot on top of the symbol depicts the transcendental state.

The numbers of people that practice yoga are numerous. They have experienced the change in their day to day life and realized how it has brought them to rest while making them more active.

The dainty reversible charms on this ohm charm bracelet make it a perfect accessory with a very deep meaning. This bracelet can be pulled open and close comfortably thus making it easy to wear. You can also pair it with other expandable bangle bracelets.

Let this bracelet be your talisman for peace and development.

Until next time, don’t forget to keep it sensational.