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Celebrate your birthday all year long with your November birthstone bracelet

March 13, 2017

Celebrate your birthday all year long with your November birthstone bracelet

November month’s birthday girls luck out because of the dazzling colors of their birthstones citrine and topaz. With an aim to always offer you the best possible jewelry we bring to you our topaz Modern November Birthstone Wire Bangle Bracelet.

The topaz is known for its qualities like tenacity, dedication, strength and resilience. This November birthstone is believed to help balance thoughts and emotions for a harmonious lifestyle. This gemstone also helps to promote wisdom, enhance spirituality and clarity of thought and reasoning power. This stone was also used in the rings and crowns worn by the rulers, dignitaries, diplomats and the royalty.

According to a legend, this November birthstone is believed to control the heat and anger of the wearer and cut through their confusion, rage and despair. It symbolizes affection and love and believed to give the wearer increased intellect and strength.

Topaz is a silicate hard mineral which gets its color from defects and impurities in its crystal structures which turn it into gorgeous shades of blue, red, brown pink, violet and yellow. It can also be colorless which is often further heated to create blue gems. The most valuable and expensive of them all is the pink crystal called the imperial topaz.

Celebrate your birthday all year long! Dangling from this trendy symbology birthstone bracelet is a birthstone charm set with a cluster of sparkling light topaz crystals. This November birthstone symbolizes serenity and wisdom. This bracelet is available in two colors brass and silver and will be a perfect accessory for the November born ladies. It is also very easy to put on and off because of its expandable wire. The Modern November birthstone wire bangle bracelet also has three more charms with meaningful messages like love truth and life. This positive bracelet will set the perfect tone for the upcoming chapter of your life.

So, wear your special bracelet and embrace all the positive energy. KIS Jewelry wishes all you guys a happy, delightful and sensational birthday.