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Bring joy to yourself and those around you

March 10, 2017

Bring joy to yourself and those around you

Joy comes when you allow yourself to recognize and appreciate how amazing things really are around you. The present moment is always filled with joy and happiness; you just need to have the proper state of mind to see it. When you start appreciating small things in life, you feel content and joyous.

Our Flip Necklace With Crystal Flower And Word Joy is an excellent reminder to remain joyous. Don’t let anyone steal your joy or put you down. Love yourself so much that you never feel the need of seeking joy and happiness in the world around you. Do more of what actually bring you pure joy.

Suspended from a crescent of crystals, the center pendant on this joyful necklace flips over and thus can be worn two ways. You can either choose the enchanting crystal flower surrounded by bisque white enamel to style your outfit with or spin it and proudly wear the engraved word joy close to your heart.

Find out where your true joy resides and do more of what brings positivity in your life. Remember that true joy is not in the materialistic things but inside you. You can’t spread joy or happiness without having some of your own.

This meaningful crystal flower flip necklace will definitely tug at your heart and bring joy in your life. The length of this necklace is 15” and it also has a 3” extender chain.  You can use the shorter length of the chain or use the extender based on your outfits and style.

This two tone gold and silver necklace can be worn as a standalone or can be combined with other inspirational KIS Necklaces.

Like a flower, you need to blossom for your own joy and not because of any external factors. Find joy in your life and bring lots of joy in the lives of those around you with this beautiful Flip Necklace.