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Believe in God and let go of all your problems

March 14, 2017

Believe in God and let go of all your problems

God cares about you even when you don’t. You may not realize it but god takes care of everything in your life. All you need to do is cast all your worries on him, be free and let it go.

All your problems may it be big or small, are often not without your power and you cannot do anything in such cases. Thus, to motivate and empower you KIS Jewelry has brought to you, Give It To God Simple Truths Necklace. The message “Give it to God And Let It Go” is stamped on the beautiful faith necklace which will remind you to have faith in god and forget all the problems in your life. When you let go, you give room to God to create his magic and miracles. Let God take over and lead you to the right path.

This Give It To God Simple Truths Necklace will always remind you to let go of all the hurt, pain, and anxiety and let God renew your life. The message empowering faith necklace is stamped on the four sides of a 1.25” silver bar pendant making it an inspirational yet classy piece of jewelry.

The tri-tone faith charm necklace is also paired with a delicate crystal heart and a sweet little cross engraved with the word faith. It also has an adjustable chain of length 17” to 20” which makes it easy and comfortable to wear.

You may or may not understand the current difficulties or pain in your life, but God knows it all. You may fear tomorrow but God is already there. All you need to do is have patience, faith and leave the rest to god. Eventually, God will reveal his purpose and you will be grateful for all the strength your life has given you. 

You can either wear this pretty necklace as a standalone or layer it with other KIS necklaces. This empowering necklace will always be your companion in your dark and bright times and keep you positive.

Until next time, chill and enjoy your life because God will handle everything. All you need to do is believe in him and keep it sensational.