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Be still and believe that God is around you

March 14, 2017

Be still and believe that God is around you

Rushed with our day to day activities in life, we rarely have time to sit in a quiet place and connect with God. Learning to be still and let life happen is very important for a peaceful and serene mind. In the silence of the heart, you learn the wisdom of life. When you are still, God becomes your healer.

Our Be Still Simple Truths Necklace is a perfect reminder to take the precious time out despite all obstacles and challenges faced in life. When you become quieter you can hear more around you. Let the Lord fight for you, all you need to do is be still and connect with him.

Inspired by the Bible verse, this Simple Truths Necklace is stamped with the scripture “Be still and know that I am God”- PSALM 46:10. This message of faith is immensely empowering and inspiring.  This faith stamped necklace reminds you that peace is not only achieved in some place without noise, but the real peace is when you can be amidst the noise and yet be still inside your heart. You will always be safer in the middle of any storm when you can have faith and connect to God.

Our empowering Be Still Simple Truths Necklace will always remind you to be still and patiently bear the grief and pain and God will always be there to guide you. Calm your soul and be still as God is always there by your side.

The silver bar pendant of 1.25” on this Simple Truth Necklace has a heart touching message stamped on all the four sides which are very hard to ignore. The tri-tone charm necklace is complemented by a cross engraved with the word “trust and a delicate crystal dove. The chain of the necklace is 17” to 20” and can be adjusted according to your preference.

Go forward in peace and be still within yourself. Walk in the beauty and harmony of life with God by your side and he will prepare you for a better tomorrow. God speaks the language of stillness and all you need to do is listen for guidance.