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Be grateful for you are blessed beyond belief

March 14, 2017

Be grateful for you are blessed beyond belief

You have seen better days but you have also seen some days worse than the other. Sometimes you might not have everything you want, but you will always have everything you need. You might sometimes wake up with some awful aches and pain, but you woke up and that gives you a hope for new possibilities. Thus, even though your life is not perfect you are tremendously blessed and forgiven.

Inspired by the Ephesians 1:11-12, KIS Jewelry has brought to you a very inspiring message bracelet which will empower and inspire you. Our I Am Blessed And Forgiven Bracelet will always be a constant reminder that you are loved, forgiven and are precious in the eyes of the almighty.  

In the middle of our messy lives, we often forget to be grateful and realize how blessed we are. Life is a priceless gift which not many are lucky enough to have. This I am blessed stretch bracelet will remind you to be thankful for your struggle, appreciate the good in your life and believe that you are blessed beyond belief.

No matter what mistakes you might have made, God will always forgive you and bless you for the next opportunity in your life. The inspirational I Am Blessed And Forgiven Faith Message Bracelet will help you realize how lucky you are and make you feel grateful.

This inspirational Bandz bracelet is constructed with very delicate yet sturdy stretch elastic and a unique side slip knot for you to adjust for the perfect fit. It is extremely comfortable to wear and can also be layered with your favorite bracelets.

You can also check some of our sensational KIS Bracelet Collection and make your own bracelet styles.

With an aim to always bring to you the jewelry that inspires, motivates and connects to you we feel that this bracelet will definitely be a perfect add-on to your bracelet collection.

Until next time, inspire, love, life and always keep it sensational