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Attain wisdom in the garden of life

March 13, 2017

Attain wisdom in the garden of life

Life must be nurtured to grow and thrive. The purpose of life is to be compassionate, honorable and to make a difference. Remember that all great people were courageous and wise who challenged their selves each day to be better. 

Wearing a pretty piece of jewelry can serve as a needed reminder to experience something new every day - wisdom, insight, and clarity will naturally follow. Each day make yourself believe that life is worth living and your beliefs will thus create the fact. Remember that you become wise not by the recollection or awareness of the past but the responsibility of your future. Your mind and thoughts decide who you are and what your future will look like.

Our garden of life wisdom jewelry will help you gain wisdom and be enlightened. True wisdom comes when you start realizing how little knowledge you have about yourself and the world around you. Each morning you are given a new chance and what you do with your chance matters the most.

Here are is our garden-inspired jewelry collection:

                                Garden of life Necklace, Wisdom

Our garden inspired wisdom necklace features finely detailed sunflower, tree and owl charms that are brightened up by tiny inlaid crystals and a vibrant iris glass bead. Whimsical nature charms are engraved on reverse with the words, wisdom, clarity and insight. The delicate ball bead chain is 16" with 3" extender chain. 

                                      Garden of life Bracelet, Wisdom

The wire coil bracelet is dotted with flower beads and is finished with an adjustable double toggle closure. The smooth charm holder allows the charms to move freely but also keeps them together.

You definitely cannot start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one. Thus you need to treat each day as a new opportunity and a second chance to have new experience, adventures, and memories.