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A perfect gift for the October Babies

March 13, 2017

A perfect gift for the October Babies

They birthstones provide incredible power, health, luck and prosperity to the wearer. Traditionally each month is associated with only one gemstone, but there a few months which can be associated with two birthstones. October is one such month which has two gemstones associated with it tourmaline and opal. Tourmaline is the favorite color of many October babies as it is available in beautiful rainbow colors and opal gemstones are truly unique as each stone has a unique color combination.

October birthstone bracelets are believed to have some amazing benefits which help the wearer live a healthier and prosperous life. Opal is effective in curing eye infections, calming nerves of the wearer, enhancing creativity and strengthening memory whereas tourmaline stone is believed to have more psychological effects. The pink and green tourmaline stones in the Symbology October Birthstone Bracelet are less expensive than the neon-blue stones.

Opal stones also help to relax women during childbirth and help with women’s health issues. Wearing these stones is considered very energizing and reliving.

These gemstones represent hope, innocence, and creativity and also protect the wearer of the October birthstone bracelet from the mal-intentioned and envious people.

Women love pink and thus a hot pink stone on a symbology birthstone bracelet is just the perfect birthday gift. This bracelet has a radiant rose zircon crystal and will stand out in your stack of bracelets. This bracelet is available in beautiful brass and silver colors. Reflect your energy and own your birth month with our fashionable October birthstone wire bangle bracelet.

Have an energizing, joyful and prosperous birthday! And never forget to keep it sensational.