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A beautiful garnet birthstone for a gorgeous January Baby

March 13, 2017

A beautiful garnet birthstone for a gorgeous January Baby

People who are born in January have their own garnet birthstone. A beautiful vivid, intense, splendid and rich semi-precious stone which is associated with January born individuals. This stone is believed to bring prosperity, good health and peace into the wearer’s life.

For all the pretty and gorgeous January babies, KIS Jewelry has a special trendy Symbology January Birthstone Bracelet. Garnet stone is deep crystal red and is mostly been used as a talisman for protection by sects and tribes. According to some legends, wearing or having a garnet ensures health and success for the wearer and possessor. This first birthstone of the year is known as the ‘Gem of Faith’, a powerful stone which bestows health, wealth and eternal happiness on the owner and acts a powerful shield for protection. the garnets are traditionally a striking red stone which is symbolically associated with power and fire.

The garnet stone on the Symbology January birthstone bracelet signifies purity, truth, victory, friendship, protection and faith. This Symbology birthstone is also associated with commitment, awareness, regeneration, and insight, and known to counter negative forces, dark energies and black magic.

The January birthstone is said to bring bad fortune to those who indulge in deceit and theft. It is also known to bring terrible luck to its wearer if he or she is not the rightful owner of the stone. But, to the hardworking, righteous, honest and trustworthy people, the garnet stone adds to their fortunes and bestows peace and harmony in their lives. The garnet stone is also available in green color which symbolizes success and prosperity.

The ancient learned and wise men of medicine used to place this January birthstone inside the open wounds to stop the bleeding and precipitate clotting.

Show off your Symbology January Birthstone Bracelet and style it up by combining it with other KIS Symbology Bracelets. The crystal red color featured in this January birthstone bracelet is rich and radiant and will always remind you to let yourself shine brightly.