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5 Creative DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

October 27, 2017

5 Creative DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

Love all your jewelry dearly and have collected way too much and don’t have enough space to store it all? We hear you! Organizing jewelry is an art – a fine art I would say. It takes a little patience and a bit of creativity too, but being able to put your jewelry away in a snap will be well worth it! Also, it saves a lot of time in the busy morning hours if hunting for a pair of earrings and tangled necklaces become a thing of past. While there are so many fancy jewelry storage box and stands available in the market, you can also DIY your own organizer with the things that you find in your home. Here are 5 creative DIY Jewelry storage ideas for all the lovely ladies.


Cork boards are most often used in the households to hold photos, sticky notes for reminders, memos or to display the children’s artwork. Have you ever thought that they can be transformed into your jewelry lifesaver? Yes, all you need is to place few nails to hang your necklaces. If you want to make it look a bit fancy, then cover up the cork board with a fabric of your choice or just use the nails.


Admit it! We all love this brand and we go head over heels for its melt in the mouth chocolates. But ever tried recycling that pretty chocolate box? Yes, it can be recycled to house your cute studs, hoops, and danglers as well. 



Wooden hangers are a great way to hang your necklaces to prevent them from tangling. You need a large wooden hanger and few small screw hooks – Hang them on the wall near your closet and decorate them with all your beautiful necklaces, bracelets and even hoops. This is a pretty simple, yet an efficient way of displaying your jewelry.


If you are artistic in everything that you do and would like to have fancy displays, then lace strips is an instant way to do that. Recycle any large photo frame and attach lace strips horizontally to make a classy display board to hold your hoops, danglers and small studs. Hang this frame on a wall or your closet and you have a beautiful earrings organizer.


Peg boards are so versatile and can be put into various uses in home décor. Organizing jewelry with peg board is so simple; just place a peg board on your wall and insert few hooks. Voila! You have a stunning display board to hold your accessories in place.


There are so many ways to organize your jewelry in fun and frugal way. Hope these 5 tips are easy and useful to store your accessories with style!

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